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get to the ruins

by benny



get to the ruins, a project made by benny using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Role Playing

Text Snippets

  • leave a like if you had fun
  • if we get 25 likes then i will make part two!!!
  • get to the ruins to win
  • if you enjoyed leave a like
  • serious mood music
  • tynker.topdown.moveset2
  • tynker.topdown::move with key
  • tynker.topdown::spin attack
  • tynker.topdown::attack
  • tynker.topdown::block while key pressed
  • when i receive stun
  • when i receive hit
  • when i receive heal
  • tynker.topdown.moveset
  • stop this script
  • in attack range?
  • when i receive destoryall
  • stop fireball script
  • when i receive shootheal
  • when i receive rise effect
  • when i receive rain of healing
  • stop heal script
  • when i receive rise effect heart
  • when i receive lightningattack1
  • when i receive lightningattack2
  • calculates if enemy is in ellipse shaped strike zone
  • when i receive cast
  • when i receive electric shot
  • lightning of the arrow
  • when i receive shoot
  • tynker.topdown.moveset1
  • tynker.topdown::shoot arrow at enemies
  • display health of camera actor
  • treasure chest10
  • handle item collection

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get to the ruins
by benny