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Gacha life dress up! 1 2

by Unequaled Squirrel

remixed from "Gacha life dress up! 1" by Concrete Dragon

originally from "Gacha life dress up!" by Elusive Eye



Gacha life dress up! 1 2, a project made by Unequaled Squirrel using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple sound playing

  • #Lines:228
  • #Actors:56
  • #Costumes:56
  • #Scripts:55

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  • Gacha life dress up! 1 2
  • this is origanal any copys found will be reported plz like! ty enjoy!
  • click the camera to take a photo!
  • thank you all for all the support go check out my other games to thanks!
  • credit to the people on google who mades the clothes
  • and i would really like it if you guys could like again because my views are going down and i worked really hard to make this :c
  • shout outs: rukaya and go check out her games
  • omg omg omg tysvmmmmm new stuff coming soon and im gonna make new a gacha dress up game and its called: aesthetic gacha life dress up