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For Pumpkinspicepuppy/ Seafoam studios

by Stable Clue



For Pumpkinspicepuppy/ Seafoam studios, a project made by Stable Clue using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Cool / Wow, Game, Simulator, Photo, Storytelling, Animation, Art


delays, simple loops

  • #Lines:41
  • #Actors:10
  • #Costumes:12
  • #Scripts:5

Text Snippets

  • For Pumpkinspicepuppy/ Seafoam studios
  • hi everyone! just letting you know that i am re-hosting the artsanimals club signups. if you have already entered, then you will still be considered and you will not need to re-enter. thank you!
  • hey! i’m skye. today, i wanted to talk to you about a special group 🧡pumpkin_spice_puppy🧡 has created, called the artsanimals.
  • i am a dog by the way, not a cat.
  • you try drawing a pointy-eared dog from front view! (it’s not easy...)
  • anyway, the artsanimals is a new drawing club, and essentially, a ‘pack’ of tynker artists who actively collab, and of course, draw.
  • however, there is a reason that we are called the artsanimals, not the artanimals.
  • there is more than one definition to ‘artist’.
  • and so, we are doing something never done before.
  • we are accepting not only artists, but note-block musicians.
  • yes, you heard me.
  • note-block musicians can audition.
  • within our artsanimals system, there are 10 members. one leader, four captains, and five ordinary members.
  • 🧡pumpkin_spice_puppy🧡 is the leader. the leader is only a slightly higher status than the captain. this is only because the leader may approve and decline contests within the group if necessary, sets rules, and will ban and add members should rules be broken.
  • a captain has the second-highest status. they can organise projects, collabs and competitions, and can take over the role of leader for a certain amount of time if given permission, should the leader not be able to for some reason. however, the leader’s responsibilities return when the said period of time is over. please note, note-block musicians automatically become captains.
  • and finally, ordinary members. they are a bit like a jury, in the fact that they can propose ideas, but they can’t put them into action, but can still participate in events like captains, and the leader. the leader and captains who aren’t hosting events, if they choose to participate, are treated like members, so all members are just as likely to win as the others.
  • to audition, either draw on the canvas to my left,
  • -or code the music note to play music.
  • keep in mind that the music doesn’t have to be too elaborate. it can be as simple as a chorus of a song.
  • submissions close 31st july.
  • thanks for reading the info! good luck!
  • please remember to read the information as well. 1. any bullying, nastiness, or mean actions means an instant, complete ban. 2. please, do not complain about not being chosen, or becoming an ordinary member. the artsanimals is a group meant for fun! we aren’t all that serious. therefore, serious people are strictly not allowed. 😝 4. no recolours or stolen, uncredited artwort. musicians cannot upload music to collabs. the only music they are allowed to use is the music that they have coded, for example, i can’t use the song ‘just like fire’ by pink if i have downloaded it through my computer, but i can use it if i have coded each individual note. a good example is kismat’s despacito, where he coded each note. credit to kismat! 5. if you are banned, you are banned. you cannot re-audition or re-enter. 6. new members can only be added if a) someone is banned or b) demand for places gets higher, and the leader approves the entry of a new member. all new members will start at the bottom. if a captain is kicked out, the most worthy member will become a replacement. good luck everyone! deadline july 31st.

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For Pumpkinspicepuppy/ Seafoam studios