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for my dad's birthday

by yo yo what'sup?



for my dad's birthday, a project made by yo yo what'sup? using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Animation, Platformer, Game

Text Snippets

  • old mcdonald music
  • old mcDonald music
  • tynker.bullet.human
  • body falling thud
  • tynker.bullet.troll
  • tynker.bullet.dragon
  • game sound punch 2
  • cartoon scream long
  • tynker.platformer::change health when collected
  • game sound 13 loop
  • tynker.platformer::set properties
  • tynker.platformer::walk right distance
  • tynker.platformer::walk left distance
  • tynker.platformer::make invincible when collected
  • do you having fun?
  • you will be happy later!
  • tynker.platformer::shoot at enemies
  • patroller villain
  • thanks for playing!
  • do you whant to contiume?
  • patroller villain1
  • patroller villain2

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for my dad's birthday