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For Emma, a project made by Stable Clue using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.





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Text Snippets

  • my best friend is kinda ditching me and
  • my best friend is acting like she is 6 years older than me shes only 2 years older.
  • when she has other friends around she says “dont talk about that, emma’s only in fourth grade “
  • “shes to young to hear and know about that” “okay emma go away for a few minutes while i whisper somthing”
  • im going into 5th grade too.
  • shes been treating me like im seven.
  • shes never like this and now shes just ditching me.
  • she never wants me coming over when she has “older friends” around,
  • well, i feel unicluded and an outcast.
  • ....well bye for now ,i geuss
  • that also happened to me.
  • i used to play ajpw and i got bullied by older people and younger peeps alot, so it’s not just you. and my best friend can get like urs even tho she is 1 year older.
  • can we be tf’s?