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For Artismylife - Lost Cat

by Purpleberry



For Artismylife - Lost Cat, a project made by Purpleberry using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Adventure, Animation, Storytelling


visibility, simple messaging, advanced costume handling, input/output, simple events, delays, simple conditionals, basic math, detect conditions, miscellaneous, advanced motion, simple motion, functions, simple loops, layers, conditional loops, program control, simple variables, resize actor, variables

  • #Lines:215
  • #Actors:10
  • #Costumes:18
  • #Scripts:37

Text Snippets

  • For Artismylife - Lost Cat
  • you found a cat on the road. it has no collar. would you bring it home?
  • the cat keeps following you. would you take it home now?
  • the cat seems friendly enough,
  • where do you want the cat to sleep?
  • locked in the basement
  • you leave the cat in the kitchen and head to bed
  • you leave the cat locked in the basement and head to bed
  • you leave the cat in the hallway and head to bed
  • you climb into bed and watch the cat happily hop up and fall asleep at the corner of the bed.
  • pull the cat closer to you
  • leave the cat and sleep
  • the cat seems to not notice, but enjoys the affection.
  • good job! thank you for playing!
  • made by purpleberry
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • i am here to take you to the royal cat ball.
  • this is queen stormy
  • greetings young one.
  • i wanted you to come to the ball so we could chat...
  • we need your help! pets are in danger!
  • robots are taking over the role of pets, and humans are beggining to forget about us
  • but to fix this we need the brains of a human like you.

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For Artismylife - Lost Cat
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For Artismylife - Lost Cat