Flower Power 1

by Unconscious Help

remixed from "Flower Power" by Drafty Potato

originally from "HP2" by Mr. M



Touch anywhere to draw a flower. A different flower is drawn each time. See how each petal is “stamped” in a circle to make a flower? Change the numbers in the “repeat” command to create different kinds of flowers.


basic math, functions, visibility, simple drawing, resize actor, simple loops, delays, simple conditionals, input/output, simple events, direction and turning, simple sound playing, miscellaneous, detect conditions, advanced motion, simple costume handling, advanced events

  • #Lines:38
  • #Actors:2
  • #Costumes:6
  • #Scripts:4

Text Snippets

  • tap the screen and you can use your powers to blast flowers!
  • be careful there is a sleeping dragon you dont wanna wake him up he is in a bad mood today and no one knows what he might do so be careful and just in case dont shoot flowers by him good luck
  • drawsimpleflower


  • background scene - fantasy landscape
    background scene - fantasy landscape
  • petal - petal
    petal - petal
  • petal - petal3
    petal - petal3
  • petal - petal5
    petal - petal5
  • petal - petal4
    petal - petal4
  • petal - petal6
    petal - petal6
  • sleeping dragon - sleeping dragon
    sleeping dragon - sleeping dragon