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Fashion Show

by Rose



Fashion Show, a project made by Rose using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Cool / Wow, Adventure, Art, Animation, Storytelling, Virtual Friend, Role Playing


simple variables, basic math, miscellaneous, delays, simple conditionals, variables

  • #Lines:187
  • #Actors:12
  • #Costumes:23
  • #Scripts:43

Text Snippets

  • what is your rp name?
  • hello! you will be given a theme. then you will go into the dressing room and get changed. try to make your outfit like that theme. then you will go home. the winner will be announced tomorrow in the newspaper. good luck!
  • the theme is.....
  • back to school (try to dress in something that looks like a school uniform)
  • queen of black (try to wear as much black as possible)
  • too girly! (dress as a really girly girl)
  • musicals (dress as a character from a musical)
  • tap on something to change it.
  • fashion show? yesssssss!
  • cool, it sounds fun.
  • it's tomorrow! anyways, let's get some sleep.
  • it's today! i'm so excited!!! let's go!
  • it's 8 o'clock already! let's go home now.
  • ! look at the newspaper!!!
  • Girl 12 copy copy
  • Girl 15 copy copy
  • this project was made by rose.