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Earth's hero

by AbsoluteZero



Earth's hero, a project made by AbsoluteZero using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Storytelling, Adventure


visibility, input/output, simple messaging, simple events, simple variables, delays, advanced costume handling, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, text handling, program control, advanced events, simple motion

  • #Lines:512
  • #Actors:31
  • #Costumes:37
  • #Scripts:112

Text Snippets

  • when i say go, you will need to memorize the animals and the positions they were in.
  • a long time ago...
  • the earth needed a hero.
  • but nobody expected,
  • a girl to step up to the challenge.
  • at first, the townspeople did not want a girl hero.
  • but after alyssa, the hero, showed her powers to the folks...
  • but alyssa had not always had her powers.
  • here is how she got them.
  • tap on the diamonds to gather them. but beware! they will reappear until you gather them all.
  • was there a dog in the picture?
  • yay! next question!
  • was there a goat?
  • sorry, start over
  • in the third row, which came first?
  • sorry, start over.
  • you passed the test!
  • yay! you gathered all the diamonds!
  • there is one magic feather. find the right one using the riddle.
  • yay! you found it!
  • the witch gave alyssa the power to duplicate herself...
  • the power of invisibility...
  • and the power of hypnosis.
  • the magic feather is on the side that does not mean correct.
  • it is on the top.
  • beginning costume
  • hello, mrs. dic tator.
  • no, i was just going to the bathroom.
  • oh! i hate being here. mrs. tator is really mean.
  • i gathered all of the crystals!
  • what is the next test, wizard lady?
  • is this the right feather?
  • you will do as i say.
  • press the red stop button and heart my story.
  • you can't be a hero. you are a girl!
  • alyssa! why are you out of your bed?
  • you aren't planning on running away from the dear orphanage are you?
  • i don't believe you. go spend the day in the basement!
  • i heard you want to leave this place?
  • i will offer you a deal.
  • if you can go through a series of mazes, i will give you powers.
  • i will whisk you to your first maze.
  • the first test tested your reflexes. this next test will test your memory.
  • good job! you passed the memory test.
  • there is only one more test.
  • yes, darling. here are some powers.
  • drawing411111111
  • drawing4111111111
  • you picked the right feather. good job!
  • you picked the wrong feather. try again.
  • drawing511111111
  • drawing5111111111
  • drawing51111111111
  • drawing511111111111
  • drawing5111111111111
  • drawing51111111111111
  • drawing511111111111111