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Dragon ball z 1

by Humiliating Contrast

originally from "Dragon ball z" by Meek Trumpet



Dragon ball z 1, a project made by Humiliating Contrast using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Arcade, Battle, Photo, Art, Animation


delays, basic math, variables, miscellaneous, simple loops, simple sound playing, simple variables, simple conditionals, advanced math, conditional loops

  • #Lines:321
  • #Actors:16
  • #Costumes:32
  • #Scripts:69

Text Snippets

  • hi, welcome to dbz arcade fighting, i will teach you how to play it
  • press a to do your basic attack, b to do your secondary attack, x to charge energy, y to jump, and when your energy is max (7) press the super saiyan button to go super saiyan.
  • try upgrading skills
  • congratulations, you won the demo!
  • i'm really proud of you
  • more content coming soon, please like the game and view more!
  • sorry if the health bar and the red button don't work.