Dragon Advice- Wolf Lover

by Short Goose

originally from "Spin Draw" by Future Auction



Dragon Advice- Wolf Lover, a project made by Short Goose using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


input/output, simple events

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  • #Actors:7
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Text Snippets

  • hello! wolf lover here. i now present, dragon advice! press the dragons one at a time please! :)
  • always be angry because then you won’t feel bad burning your enimies.
  • hi. ummm. try not to embarrass your self in public or you might look like me.
  • rejoice in the day that god has given us! live life at it’s fullest!
  • lay on a rock and doze in the sun. much better than defending the castle.
  • do not catch your tail on fire. if you are nervous i say put your trust in god.
  • sleep long and hard. you will need your energy. zzzzzzz...
  • oh, hi! you scared me! suprises are fun!


  • background scene - Castle Landscape
    background scene - Castle Landscape
  • Angry - Angry Dragon
    Angry - Angry Dragon
  • Embarrassed - Embarrassed Dragon
    Embarrassed - Embarrassed Dragon
  • Happy - Happy Dragon
    Happy - Happy Dragon
  • Lazy - Lazy Dragon
    Lazy - Lazy Dragon
  • Nervous - Nervous Dragon
    Nervous - Nervous Dragon
  • Sleeping - Sleeping Dragon
    Sleeping - Sleeping Dragon
  • Surprised - Surprised Dragon
    Surprised - Surprised Dragon