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Dragon Academy Alpha

by Shoddy Horse



Dragon Academy Alpha, a project made by Shoddy Horse using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple messaging, visibility, input/output, simple events, advanced animation, delays, direction and turning, simple conditionals, advanced costume handling, expert math, advanced motion, detect conditions, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:322
  • #Actors:17
  • #Costumes:17
  • #Scripts:69

Text Snippets

  • Dragon Academy Alpha
  • you are a new student at dragon academy
  • but you don’t know where to start or who to ask
  • luckily, the teacher is there to help you on your first day!
  • and what is he like?
  • yeah. nice for you to ask...
  • mathilde is bullying me! what do i do?
  • say: go and bully someone else
  • say: try that again!
  • what is your name?
  • well then hello
  • ! welcome to dragon academy!
  • at this school, you and other students will learn how to groom, tame, ride and breed dragons. it will be a great experience!
  • now you know the basics, let me introduce you to your fellow students!
  • now you know who sabina, joe, lucky and charity are! you will soon realise that they are good companions!
  • what did you think of them?
  • they where so nice!
  • i get you... come on! let me give you your first dragon!
  • this is the school stable, where all our dragons are kept!
  • let me show you are avalible first-year dragons!
  • side emote yucky
  • sorry but i am sorry to say that there are no more dragons... exept for pirate
  • he is quite a naughty one. he laughs at evrything and is not very loyal to his trainers...
  • do you still want him? he is the only one left...
  • give me another one!
  • i will have him.
  • that is very brave of you.
  • as i said, he is the only ine left, sorry. nothing else.
  • do you still want him?
  • ok. well that's that. you'd better join class now. see you soon!
  • that’s the end of a day at dragon academy for you! did you like it?
  • ok. i will think about it.
  • hope you will come back soon! bye!
  • side emote angry
  • mathilde! don't hit bully other kids! come here please!
  • hi! i am sabina!
  • i love taming dragons! it is so fun!
  • side emote bashful
  • um... hi. i just came to ask... could you be my best friend?
  • cool! i will help you get to know the others!
  • ok. see you at break...
  • i like breeding dragons!
  • i preefer grooming dragons. so their scales look all shiny!
  • hi! i am charity!
  • i love riding deagons! really fast!
  • hi, i hear you are new here...
  • i am not asking who you are girl. all i want you to know is that i am mathilde, and i don't want you messing up with my popularity... ok?
  • ugh... fine then! but i will get you next time!
  • side emote resolute
  • oh yeah? take that!
  • side emote crazy laugh
  • front emote sneaky
  • you want yo pick on me?
  • dragonology teacher
  • children! stop chatting! listen to the lesson please!
  • anyway, class dismissed. have a good lunch break!
  • good morning, what do you want?
  • vengetable pizza

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