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DPW sea what i did there

by Smug Swivel



DPW sea what i did there, a project made by Smug Swivel using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




input/output, delays, advanced costume handling, simple events

  • #Lines:53
  • #Actors:2
  • #Costumes:8
  • #Scripts:5

Text Snippets

  • DPW sea what i did there
  • this is by dpw comics
  • all copies will be reported
  • the dog on the left is pupper and on right is dogger
  • be ready dpw comicz "lost in time" is almost here!
  • btw a glich happened with lost in time
  • sea say to the other-
  • nothing, they just waved
  • did you *sea what i did there
  • im *shore you did
  • i *wave smile and say "did you *sea the game last night?"
  • then boom friend
  • drawing copy copy
  • what pupper says
  • thanks 4 playing and goodnight (or morning xd)
  • dogger how do you have friends
  • ya know what neverminddddd
  • the end this was a dpw comic give likes for more (maybe even interactible ones)

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