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Dood’s Kingdom

by PandaDøød



Dood’s Kingdom, a project made by PandaDøød using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




visibility, simple messaging, simple events, input/output, advanced costume handling, layers, delays, simple loops, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, resize actor, advanced animation, program control, simple variables, variables, text handling, simple sound playing, simple costume handling, music and instruments

  • #Lines:518
  • #Actors:51
  • #Costumes:71
  • #Scripts:192

Text Snippets

  • Dood’s Kingdom
  • this is simalar to your doge journey by cade. i gained inspration from it.
  • you are the ruler of this kingdom.
  • what is it called?
  • your pleps want a gold mine because we have no gold. what do u say?
  • 57 crash cymbal 2
  • this was a great addition to the kingdom!
  • your people are tired of tiny shacks. should we upgrade?
  • someone found a strange green/red egg. do we try to hatch it or put it back in the mine?
  • the mom comes up and burns down the kingdom.
  • it’s probably best to do that.
  • a rival has threatened to attack us! do we set up defences or go on the attack?
  • you set up defences and scare away the rival! they don’t even want to try!
  • one of your soldiers says we need a dragon to help in battle. another says that we need a balista. which do you choose?
  • one of your villagers has created this thing he calls a time machine. it can travel in through time. should we bring the future (our present) or the past?
  • you got a pet allosaurus! and lost stuff... your people live in a cave
  • it’s going to rain soon and the cave is going to collapse! do your people go out and build shelter or stay in the cave and hope for the best?
  • your people run out of the cave just in time! a little rain doesn’t hurt them!
  • the lightning takes the people out speading wildfire soon leading to nothing...
  • do u want part 2?
  • if this gets 150 ❤️s then i may make part 2...
  • thanks for playing
  • you time travel too far to the end of the world. :(
  • you attack but lose the war and your kingdom gets finished off.
  • people are angry and you are impeached.
  • your have no gold and therefore cannot do anything. your people move to a new kingdom and you have nobody left.
  • blue building 11
  • Blue Building 11
  • blue building 2 copy
  • Blue Building 2 copy
  • green building copy
  • Green Building copy
  • blue building 3 copy
  • Blue Building 3 copy
  • purple building 2
  • purple building 2 copy
  • Purple Building 2
  • Purple Building 2 copy
  • purple building 3
  • purple building 3 copy
  • Purple Building 3
  • Purple Building 3 copy
  • pink building copy
  • Pink Building copy
  • green tank bottom
  • Green Tank Bottom
  • dynamite11111111
  • dynamite111111111
  • dynamite1111111111
  • dynamite11111111111
  • dynamite111111111111
  • dynamite1111111111111
  • dynamite11111111111111
  • dynamite111111111111111
  • giant gorilla that is totally not bigfoot
  • blue tank bottom
  • Blue Tank Bottom

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