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Don't press the button

by Grim Equestrian



Don't press the button, a project made by Grim Equestrian using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Funny, Game, Role Playing


visibility, simple events, simple messaging, input/output, simple costume handling, detect conditions, delays, basic math, simple variables, conditional wait, advanced math, simple motion, conditional loops, text handling, miscellaneous, advanced motion, advanced costume handling, simple loops, expert physics, simple conditionals, program control

  • #Lines:385
  • #Actors:24
  • #Costumes:45
  • #Scripts:89

Text Snippets

  • Don't press the button
  • you shouldn't click two locations on the screen at once, it bugs stuff out :(
  • oh, and if you copy this please give credit.
  • this project was made by dabestbro! if you like it, and want to see more, please leave a like!
  • can you even read?
  • it says to not press me!
  • try touch me now!
  • you're persistent...
  • but can you touch me now?
  • i won't give up!
  • surely you can't get me now!
  • well, there's no way you can get me through this wall!
  • but if you're not going to stop touching me...
  • i'll blow you sky high!
  • what? how did you do that?
  • no matter. you'll never find me now!
  • i can't believe you found me!
  • you've got me for now...
  • but later in development i'll be better prepared!
  • for now, i'm at your mercy...
  • he can't press me if he can't see me!

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