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dogs and cats will rock you 1

by Unadvised Office

remixed from "dogs and cats will rock you" by Subdued Telephone

originally from "WHAT’S THE TIME?" by littleozwald



Oh my gosh! Would you look at the time?! I'm gonna be late for- wait a minute.... what time is it? This project I have developed will tell you the exact date and time, all the way to milliseconds! A newer computer would be recommended for this to work at it's fully functional state.


Photo, Animals, Music

  • #Lines:5
  • #Actors:7
  • #Costumes:7
  • #Scripts:1


  • background scene - drawing1
    background scene - drawing1
  • image2 - image
    image2 - image
  • image311 - image
    image311 - image
  • image - image
    image - image
  • image1 - image
    image1 - image
  • image3 - image
    image3 - image
  • image4 - image
    image4 - image
  • image5 - image
    image5 - image

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