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💎Diamond Mystery💎

by Lanky Paste

originally from "💎Diamond Mystery💎" by R3b3cca



💎Diamond Mystery💎, a project made by Lanky Paste using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


visibility, simple messaging, simple events, input/output, layers, delays, advanced costume handling, variables, resize actor, simple sound playing, music and instruments, text handling, simple loops, simple variables, basic math, simple conditionals

  • #Lines:238
  • #Actors:23
  • #Costumes:29
  • #Scripts:60

Text Snippets

  • 💎Diamond Mystery💎
  • you are a detective. a diamond has been stolen. collect clues to find the thief.
  • first, lets look at the black cloth.
  • it looks like it is used to make shirts.
  • now lets examine the footprints.
  • size 8 shoes, from the brand solester.
  • lets see, purple woolen thread, used in a sweater.
  • lets look at the glass.
  • it was smashed when a rock was thrown at it.
  • that would be how the thief got in!
  • this is the rock that was thrown at the window!
  • some crumbs were left there. they are probably from biscuits.
  • here is the receipt used to buy the biscuits.
  • now lets look at the suspects and see who it was!
  • these are our 4 possible criminals.
  • dainty destroyer,
  • and perfection paul.
  • click on who you think is the criminal.
  • great job! you figured out who the criminal was!
  • thanks for playing! i hope you enjoyed it!
  • now, where did he put that diamond?
  • whoops! try again.
  • great job! you collected all the clues.
  • now lets go to the lab and examine them.
  • footprints found

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