Desert Quiz


originally from "Week 2: Forest Quiz - SAMPLE" by Mere Antonym



Desert Quiz, a project made by PHOENIX using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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Text Snippets

  • hi, you must be a human, i don't see many of you around here.
  • anyway i forgot to introduce myself! my name is kiki, and i'm a fennec fox. i'm quite good at hearing.
  • i'm gonna ask you some questions about my habitat, so good luck!
  • first, does around one sixth of earth's population live in desert regions?
  • yes, at least one billion people!
  • no, definite no, it's general knowledge!
  • uhhhh, yes? no. probably. maybe? i don't know! :'(
  • that's right, go you!
  • not quite... good try though. it's actually at least 1 billion people!
  • next question, are 91.56% of deserts covered in sand?
  • yes, you're lucky if you find a drop of water.
  • no, it's actually only 20%.
  • i- ummmm...possibly?
  • how did you know? wow, i really underestimated your kind!
  • it really depends where you look. it's actually only 20%.
  • due to climate change (which really is real) some deserts are in peril becoming dryer and messing with ecosystems. higher temperatures cause more wildfires destroying trees which take ages to grow. does this mean many animals will lose their homes and likely even die? i mean...
  • unfortunately, yes but by using your feet as transport and producing less trash you can help. oh, and dont forget to use recycling bins!
  • no, the small things don't matter, one person won't ake a difference.
  • you know a lot, share your knowledge and make a differnce! we really need your help.
  • no, you can make a difference by using cars less and producing less trash. and using recycling bins, go against animal cruelty and pouching, that sort of thing!
  • that's the end of the quiz! i hope you gained some knowledge, i'm gonna find some food, i hope to see you later!


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    background scene - Desert Landscape
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