project screenshot

Dab Town Clemson HACKED

by Grizzled Pencil

remixed from "Dab Town Clemson blvd 1" by Outlying Whistle

originally from "Dab Town real" by Understood Suit



Dab Town Clemson HACKED, a project made by Grizzled Pencil using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Funny, Clicker, Stick Figure


simple variables, variables, simple conditionals, basic math, delays, expert math

  • #Lines:740
  • #Actors:39
  • #Costumes:57
  • #Scripts:96

Text Snippets

  • Dab Town Clemson HACKED
  • choose the boy or girl button. you can test them out by clicking the dabbers!
  • click the box in the bottom left corner to show your total money. tap the purple box and it will or wait 3 seconds and it will hide.
  • you can only purchase the alien pack or the zombie pack but not both.
  • mini dab strength
  • mini dab2 strength
  • monster strength
  • dab cloth button
  • country strength
  • zombie pack button
  • alien pack button
  • bottle flipping2
  • bottle flipping3
  • bottle flipping4
  • firefighter button
  • firefight strength
  • firefight dabbing
  • rainbow dab copy
  • rainbow strength
  • rainbow dab button