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critical thinking

by Carefree Primate

originally from "Choices 2" by MismatchedSocks



critical thinking, a project made by Carefree Primate using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


visibility, simple messaging, simple events, input/output, advanced costume handling, advanced motion, delays, basic math, simple conditionals, layers, simple motion, simple loops, direction and turning, screen bounds, text handling

  • #Lines:328
  • #Actors:24
  • #Costumes:26
  • #Scripts:99

Text Snippets

  • critical thinking
  • you are floating on an iceberg in the middle of the ocean.
  • you see a pirate ship you can board.
  • do you want to board the ship or continue riding the iceberg
  • the pirate listens to your situation and takes you to land. you tell him thank you and start for home.
  • you reach a hot summer beach where your iceberg melts. you drown before you reach land.
  • you have a meeting starting in 30 seconds. there are two ways to get there. you might lose your job if you arrive late.
  • do you want to cross the street to the meeting room without waiting for the cars or take the long way and risk losing your job?
  • cross the street
  • take the long way
  • you frantically rush through traffic hopping over everything in your way.
  • you make it safely to the meeting room in one piece.
  • you race over the roads, but you get there late. you lose your job and fail to find another one.
  • you are a fashion model. you, wearing your new dress, spill spaghetti and meatballs all over it.
  • do you want to go onto the stage even though your dress is ruined or go talk to your grumpy boss about your problem?
  • talk to the boss
  • you walk on stage and everyone stares at you. suddenly, a million tomatos come flying at you.
  • you get on stage and show off your new outfit.
  • you see three doors: door 1 contains three murderers, door 2 has a raging fire, and door 3 has a lion that hasn't eaten for three months.
  • which door do you want to choose?
  • you never come out of that room again
  • you burn up in the fire.
  • since the lion had not eaten for three months, he was dead. you are safe.
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  • cartoon kids 141
  • i am glad you came. i decided that your dress is no longer in style and am giving you a new one.

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