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input/output, simple conditionals, basic math, simple events, visibility, simple messaging, advanced animation, direction and turning, simple motion, simple loops, detect conditions, miscellaneous

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Text Snippets

  • hello this is a quiz on the colonies
  • how many colonies are there in the middle colonies
  • what year was the first colonie created?
  • what was the first colonie
  • what shape was the jamestown fort
  • who was the second president of jamestown
  • why did the jamestown population decrease largly 1609-1610
  • native american attacks
  • correct it was called the starving winter
  • what was the population of jamestown in 1607
  • what was the most common food
  • now we will do true or false
  • true or false did the native americans trade with colonists
  • true or false the colonists traveled from england because of religous rights
  • true or false did colonists have lots of land and huge farms
  • false like this game and i will make basketball and football quizzes
  • correct like this and i will make basketball and football quizzes
  • thanks for playing


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