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Codey's Story


originally from "Week 2: Tell Codey's Story" by Organic Explode



Codey's Story, a project made by TREIBOURGH72X using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, Storytelling

Text Snippets

  • bottom message box
  • once upon a time
  • there was a guy named codey
  • and he liked chocolate.
  • he ate chocolate every day
  • for every one of his meals.
  • one day, codey recieved a letter from the mail
  • that sold chocolate.
  • but then the letter started to talk.
  • letter: "hello!"
  • codey: "ahhhhhhhh!!!"
  • letter: "chill codey. i know you like chocolate very much so i will sell you some chocolate."
  • letter: "all you have to do is pay me and then i will generate some chocolate for you. one dooler for 3 pieces of chocolate. one piece is this big." and the letter produced a chocolate and showed it to codey.
  • codey learned that the letter literally sold chocolate.
  • letter: "you can have this piece of chocolate for free and oh yes, my name is codi." and the letter handed the chocolate to codey.
  • codey: "our names are very similar! thank you very much. can i buy 30 pieces now?"
  • codi: "yes. 10 doolers please."
  • so codey payed 10 doolers to codi. codey: "here you go."
  • codi: "thank you"
  • that night, codey had already eaten so many chocolates that something weird happened.
  • a voice named codei told codey that codey, codi and codei were all versions of himself in another dimension. at first, codey was scared but then he thought that was cool.
  • when he woke up, he learned that there was another version of hmself named cody. he was the mailbox!
  • cody printed out 10 doolers and gave it to codey.
  • cody: "here codey, 10 doolers because you basically gave it to yourself yesterday just in another version.
  • codey: "so free chocolate! yay!"
  • codey realized that he could get the chocolates for free because whatever he payed, he got chocolate and he got the money back.
  • 3 years later...
  • codey ate so much chocolate that all the versions of him combined into a monster!
  • codey was so sad because although he could make his own chocolate now, he was a monster.
  • a while later, tynker contacted him.
  • tynker told codey that he could join them.
  • a month later, codey joined tynker.
  • he learned all about tynker and became a very important member.
  • right now you can find codey working at tynker to help people code.
  • and while eating....
  • chocolate-icon-in-cartoon-style-isolated-on-white-vector-12863446

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