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Clash of clans

by Nerdy Hamster

originally from "WORKING Clash of clans" by Mediocre Poodle



Clash of clans, a project made by Nerdy Hamster using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Photo, Art, Animation, Arcade, Cool / Wow, Remake


simple variables, variables, basic math, simple conditionals, delays, advanced math, miscellaneous, conditional loops, simple loops

  • #Lines:4107
  • #Actors:61
  • #Costumes:102
  • #Scripts:582

Text Snippets

  • this game is still in early development and just want to see feedback. you can upgrade all of the stuff once your town hall 2. lastly..... updates weekly!!!!
  • build all buildings
  • number of troops
  • clan castle troops
  • clan castle level
  • amount of troops
  • is not attacking
  • new e coluctor s
  • complex attacking and bug fixes
  • town hall 3! including new buildings, troops, upgrades, and features
  • new update includes: shop, news, gold mine level 2
  • add 3 town hall 2 buildings to shop, army camp level 2, and start on actual attacking
  • you need to train troops first
  • # troop on field