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Claire’s pet emporium

by Skillful Sorbet

originally from "Kylie’s Pet Emporium" by Simple Waterbottle



Claire’s pet emporium, a project made by Skillful Sorbet using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Cool / Wow, Simulator, Taking Care Of, Animals


simple messaging, visibility, simple events, simple variables, advanced costume handling, input/output, variables, delays, detect conditions, layers, advanced motion, advanced events, simple conditionals, simple motion, simple loops, basic math, program control, miscellaneous, simple costume handling, resize actor, simple sound playing, music and instruments

  • #Lines:2284
  • #Actors:93
  • #Costumes:189
  • #Scripts:685

Text Snippets

  • Claire’s pet emporium
  • “arf!” let’s go home new owner!
  • giving bunny food
  • yuck! eww... please don’t feed me this!
  • turn on the shower
  • awwww... i love rubber ducky! so cute!
  • yum! this is delicious!
  • ooh... what a fun looking toy!
  • aww... this isn’t my toy.
  • i’m claire! i will help you adopt and take care of your pet!
  • before i start, try tapping things around the office, (please don’t touch the cages or the door or the buttons yet, though... or me, i’m sensative.) they might respond!
  • first, see all of the pets to choose from. to do that, tap on the buttons that say cat, dog, or bunny.
  • next, tap on your pet’s cage bars and free your pet.
  • then, send them to their new home by pressing the button for them.
  • finally, tap the door to go. have fun! bye!
  • psst! tap on me!
  • i see you brought home your new pet! now, what it’s name?
  • awesome name! hi,
  • well, anyways i just popped over here to tell you that to go inside your house press the door!
  • you. are. a. horrible owner!!!! i will take your pet away from you now!!!! never come back!!!! and, no, i don’t have anger issues!!!!
  • kylie’s got issues
  • how dare you think of hiring them!!! they’re nothing but a nuisance!!! argghhhhh!!!
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • tall cage bars 1
  • tall cage bars 2
  • “hooray!” let’s go home new owner!
  • “mew!” let’s go home new owner!
  • yuck! eww... please dont feed me this!
  • you found me! good job!
  • take puppy 1 home
  • Distraction Bush
  • puppy two exit button
  • drawing111112111
  • puppy three exit button
  • puppy three exit button1
  • puppy three exit button11
  • puppy three exit button111
  • puppy three exit button1111
  • puppy three exit button11111
  • distaction bush1
  • puppy three exit button112
  • puppy three exit button1121
  • puppy three exit button11211
  • puppy three exit button112111
  • filled dog food/cat food
  • Filled Dog food/Cat food
  • other rooms door
  • Other rooms door
  • i am da only one, da one
  • octopus chew toy
  • 2 bars - not so good, do something!
  • 1 bar - emergency
  • all out - very bad, pet taken
  • Green zone - bad, do something!
  • Yellow zone - not good...
  • Orange zone - okay...
  • Dark Red zone - great!
  • Red zone - good.
  • All out - VERY bad, pet taken
  • woah, was that kylie? gosh, i wonder why she’s so mad. anyways, hi, i’m marià! i’m hosting a reality tv show, and i’m looking for a star, so if you’re interested, play puppy project.
  • i’ve been hit!
  • kylie!!! what have you done!?! now i’m invisible!!! (hmm, in. vis. i. ble... good screen name.) ahhh!!!
  • bottom message box
  • hi i’m uni! ihope you like this tynker! i will be here in all of uni’s projects (maybe)
  • thank you for the 100 likes on her last project! that was great, and i know she really appreciated it! (if you haven’t played it yet, it is called get your fortune told!)
  • anyways, i hope you like this one as well! it took her about a year to make, so please like it!
  • if this project gets over 150 likes, she will release another one!
  • thanks for playing!