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city simulator

by Delicate Contrast



city simulator, a project made by Delicate Contrast using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Clicker, Remake, Photo, Art, Animation, Simulator, Funny, Cool / Wow, App, Customizer, Animals


delays, variables, simple variables, basic math, simple conditionals, simple sound playing, miscellaneous, simple loops, advanced math

  • #Lines:1096
  • #Actors:66
  • #Costumes:88
  • #Scripts:231

Text Snippets

  • image whit factory
  • hi guys i fixed the bug when ever you start you get ”you win screen” (: . psst sub xpelaajax in yt to get tynket tutorials
  • hello everyone who enjoyes this game (: please listen. helllo guys. yes its me talking to you right now with this game. this game is buggy and very very old. so im gonna make a new one. it will pop out soon so stay waiting. byeeeee. and its funny that one guy did a game where he tells every seacret code in the game coz all the codes are finnish
  • block of flats 1000$
  • center message box
  • i am this game maker
  • deletecasino=//casinodelete=add=elpymet=casinologo
  • error .0451=//appdownloading_dont-works error .4982=//appdata%app_not_loaded error .3450=//app_doesnt_maked=//gamemaker-is_not-allow-this_app-named=//casino+app+13\\=
  • top plain message box
  • 🌀extra🌀 airplane 700€
  • 🌀extra🌀 dumble money 100000$
  • use or
  • welcome to city simul
  • welcome to city simulator
  • make your own ci
  • make your own city
  • click one times coi
  • click one times coin to
  • click one times coin to get 3$
  • you can buy buildings
  • buildings makes people t
  • building makes people to your ci
  • buildings make peoples city and
  • buildings make peoples to your city and they pay takses
  • i need to go now
  • now click play button
  • 🌀extra🌀 auto clicker 10000$
  • this google is really fuugle
  • all letters are case sensitive
  • peoples in your town
  • more 12 people for free
  • image copy copy 1
  • hey thanks for playing. this game making is hard work. but bye
  • check out more my games -xpelaajaxprojects
  • new game is in workshop
  • chek out draw! game
  • do you🔹🔸like🔹🔸 press [❤️]👈 button
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