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CHINESE MYTHS, a project made by Chilly Symbol using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Educational, History


input/output, delays, visibility, simple events, miscellaneous, basic math, simple messaging, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, simple costume handling

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Text Snippets

  • welcome to m.o.t.w (myths of the world)
  • our first stop is to......
  • do you wish to enter chinese myths
  • great! let's go!
  • here are some other topics and myths that will be appearing in the future! to end this, press a topic.
  • the mother of humans
  • chinese myths•the mother of humans
  • guess the name of the lady!
  • well done! let's carry on.....
  • good guess! but, no. the answer is nü wa.
  • who created the land and sky?
  • there is no question for this color.
  • is pan gu & nü wa married?
  • did pan gu name 'earth' to this world?
  • there is no question for this color.
  • the beginning of the world
  • he was very disappointed. so he used his fists to slam the cosmos—which became the land and sky. when he put everything in place, he slept. as he slept, he died. pan gu's body became the other parts of—
  • at first everything was cosmos, pan gu was sleeping. he was gathering all the strength that he needed. then, he woke up. he looked around and saw nothing except cosmos.
  • soon after pan gu died, a lady came to pan gu's world. but she wasn't a normal lady, she had a tail of a snake instead of legs.
  • nü wa loved the place, but soon she got bored. so, she picked up some clay and made a human. then, she breathed life into it.
  • after that, she made many more. however very soon, the people died. so to solve it, she taught the humans how to marry and have children.
  • that's how people came to be!

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