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Chat With Kiddo And Mr. Ben!

by EnderSkater90

originally from "Code-A-Thon Week 2 - Create A Pet Game" by Original Queen



Chat With Kiddo And Mr. Ben!, a project made by EnderSkater90 using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


input/output, advanced costume handling, visibility, simple conditionals, basic math, simple events, simple messaging, direction and turning, simple loops, miscellaneous, advanced motion, detect conditions, delays, conditional loops, simple motion

  • #Lines:62
  • #Actors:3
  • #Costumes:6
  • #Scripts:8

Text Snippets

  • Chat With Kiddo And Mr. Ben!
  • change background
  • laser & laser beam dissapear!
  • hello! my name is kiddo!
  • do you want to play laser tag?
  • yay! simply drag the laser around, and i’ll chase it!
  • awww, too bad! go play with mr. ben, then!
  • rello! r’im rister ren! row rare roo?
  • r’im roing rin! ranks ror rasking!
  • ro roo rant ro rlay raser rag?
  • rall right! rust rrag rhe raser reeround!
  • rut row! reed ro row! rood-rye!

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