Character Animation 1

by Ludicrous Governor

originally from "Character Animation" by Verdant Bingo



Character Animation 1, a project made by Ludicrous Governor using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, simple sound playing, advanced costume handling, actor properties, advanced animation

  • #Lines:18
  • #Actors:7
  • #Costumes:7

Text Snippets

  • Character Animation 1
  • evil mermaid battle
  • setting: mister evil's castle
  • mister evil: what's for lunch today, grandmammy? (cackling)
  • grandmammy: i haven't thought of it yet... uh... mermaids.
  • mister evil exits castle to find the royal mercastle.
  • setting: mercastle
  • mister evil sees princesses bella and melissa and queen mystical and king mythical.
  • bella: oh no! mister evil!
  • melissa: mom! dad! kill him with your tridentities!
  • mister evil loses 14 health points.
  • mister evil: ugh! i failed! i guess i have to kill other mermaids.
  • when the dude exits, he realizes he is attached to a line of kelp. saw electric eel cuts the kelp. then he gets struck down by saw electric eel but doesn't die. then octopuswords kills him.
  • saw electric eel


  • background scene - adventure stage
    background scene - adventure stage
  • MISTER EVIL - ghost pirate
    MISTER EVIL - ghost pirate
  • BELLA - mermaid 1
    BELLA - mermaid 1
  • MELISSA - mermaid 2
    MELISSA - mermaid 2
  • QUEEN MYSTICAL - mermaid 3
    QUEEN MYSTICAL - mermaid 3
  • KING MYTHICAL - mermaid king
    KING MYTHICAL - mermaid king
  • OCTOPUSWORDS - pirate octopus
    OCTOPUSWORDS - pirate octopus
  • SAW ELECTRIC EEL - angler fish
    SAW ELECTRIC EEL - angler fish