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Care For A Cat

by Emmy’s kawaii MusicCat



Care For A Cat, a project made by Emmy’s kawaii MusicCat using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Simulator, Taking Care Of, Animals, Cool / Wow, Storytelling


delays, basic math, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, simple sound playing, simple loops

  • #Lines:273
  • #Actors:25
  • #Costumes:33
  • #Scripts:80

Text Snippets

  • now with a working laser pointer!
  • you chose tortoise shell
  • don’t tap on mimi until she finishes talking. glitch happens
  • cool thanks,but im hungry
  • drawing copy 2 copy
  • drawing copy 1 copy 1 copy copy
  • drawing copy 1 copy copy copy 1 copy
  • drawing copy 1 copy copy copy copy 1 copy
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy 1
  • forest 111111111
  • forest 1111111111
  • forest 11111111111
  • this game is by emma along with the idea and code. if i get lots of ❤️s i will add a big update. thanks for playing.
  • whould you like to take a screenshot of your cat?
  • what color should the backround be?
  • hi, i’m mimi! i heard you adopted a cat?
  • what is your cat’s name?
  • that’s a sweet name!
  • i’ll leave you with
  • then. if you need help tap on me
  • hee, this is embarrising, but what is your cat’s name?
  • i forgot her name...
  • ! i thought so. do you need help?
  • the light switch turned off the lights the picture of cat button takes a picture of your cat play takes him or her outside to play ball. feed gives your cat food.
  • thanks for asking!

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