Caden sports Trivia

by Required Artichoke



Caden sports Trivia, a project made by Required Artichoke using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous, delays

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Text Snippets

  • hello. ready for some sports trivia!
  • who won the 2019 masters
  • wrong! nice try!
  • how many football teams are there
  • correct!!! great job!
  • wrong! always got next question
  • which american football team won the first 2 superbowls
  • correct! your so good!
  • wrong! ouch! you got to get the next question!
  • how long are quarters in nba games?
  • what sports did wayne gretzky play?
  • your right! nice job!
  • which nba team won the most nba titles
  • correct! great job
  • who won more grand slam titles, venus williams or serena williams
  • which 2 teams were in the 2018 mlb world seires
  • red sox vs. cubs
  • red sox vs. dodgers
  • yankees vs. giants
  • thank you for playing! if i get 100 likes, i will make more.


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