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Brooke video

by Bizarre Party

originally from "Brooke you tube chat" by Victorious Ravioli



Brooke video, a project made by Bizarre Party using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Animation, Social, Virtual Friend



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  • #Actors:1
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Text Snippets

  • howdy! im brooke and i would like to ask you a few questions to post up for my fans with questions. ok! lets get started!
  • who is the better k-pop group
  • brooke taking notes
  • ok, who is the better youtuber
  • ok now we will be jumping into the actual youtube stuff!
  • ok today we will be calling my fans!
  • i want all yall to close your eyes and think of the best way to start of a conversation.
  • what is the best:
  • personaly i think all of the above but i wanted to know what you thought!
  • ok we are going to call alex!
  • brooke on the phone
  • hiiiii alex! yes im brooke. i just wanted to say hi! and your on youtube! aw ok bye
  • well we could only afford to call one person today
  • i hope on the next video we will call more people
  • well i hope you have a good day! by-
  • huh? oh! my boss is calling me
  • yes, oh! really! ok i’ll be there!
  • well i have to go bye!
  • don’t forget to like this video and give it a heart
  • hi! im brooke and i need to ask for your opinon on things for my channel
  • questioning Brooke
  • Brooke on the phone
  • Brooke gtg on phone
  • Brooke taking notes
  • questioning Brooke happy