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Brick Breaker

by Ralph

originally from "Space Breaker Exercise Sample" by Optimal Desert



Brick breaker Level


delays, simple loops, visibility, simple events, direction and turning, simple sound playing, simple costume handling, screen bounds, simple motion, advanced costume handling, detect conditions, advanced events, expert physics, advanced motion, advanced physics

  • #Lines:361
  • #Actors:45
  • #Costumes:190
  • #Scripts:55

Text Snippets

  • Brick breaker Level
  • bad guy ship a12
  • bad guy ship a11
  • bad guy ship a13
  • bad guy ship a14
  • bad guy ship a15
  • bad guy ship a16
  • bad guy ship a17
  • bad guy ship a121
  • bad guy ship a122
  • bad guy ship a123
  • bad guy ship a124
  • bad guy ship a125
  • bad guy ship a151
  • synth spaceship interior
  • good guy ship B1
  • good guy ship B2
  • good guy ship B3
  • good guy ship b1
  • good guy ship b11
  • good guy ship b2
  • good guy ship b12
  • good guy ship b111

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