Boss Mob’s (code) 1

by Garrulous Salmon

remixed from "Boss Mob’s (code) 1" by Barren Coral

originally from "Boss Mob’s (code)" by Considerate Acorn



Boss Mob’s (code) 1, a project made by Garrulous Salmon using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple loops

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Text Snippets

  • welcome to my 3rd mod please type “help 1” to understand this mod more clearly.
  • hello this mod is about boss mobs! this is only the code to the mod. go to my profile and down load the boss mobs. to know which ones are boss mods type “bosses” to see the list of bosses. then to have an arena type ”build arena” to make an arena and the “build arena” command will give you the items to make night vision! you will be give “kit master”, “kit gapple”, and “kit enchant”. to obtain these just type one of them. like “kit master”. i hope you enjoy my boss mod! enjoy!
  • diamond_chestplate
  • diamond_leggings
  • you can use the items to enchant!
  • enchanting_table
  • experience_bottle
  • the boss mob will come!!!! i will not fail the quest
  • “scout” (wolf egg), “twinderman” (enderman egg), “tricow” (cow egg), “dos skele” (wither skeleton egg),