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Boss Fight: Revealeo 1

by Boundless Diameter

originally from "Boss Fight: Revealeo" by littleozwald



Boss Fight: Revealeo 1, a project made by Boundless Diameter using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple variables, basic math, miscellaneous, variables, delays, visibility, simple messaging, input/output, simple loops, advanced motion, simple events, simple motion, simple conditionals, direction and turning, advanced costume handling, cloning, resize actor, graphic effects, layers, ground control, simple costume handling, conditional loops

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Text Snippets

  • Boss Fight: Revealeo 1
  • remembering the sequence of attacks may help a lot!
  • remember to watch out for the lasers! they're really fast!
  • don't get tricked: there's a lot of tricks up this guy's sleeves. (hint, hint: it's probably more lasers)
  • the star is pretty difficult. try to take cover or find a point where it doen't seem to be going.
  • the rotating laser moves just about as fast as you. stay near the center of the laser to make it easier.
  • your heart doesn't move as quickly as you think. take caution when dodging obstacles. 🏃🏻
  • the laser balls are completely randomized. move to the right side of the screen and dodge from there. ⚫️
  • take caution when circling the rotating laser. there may just be an unexpected surprise...
  • the laser stars come as one, and then later as three! prepare, my friend. ⭐️
  • put your finger where you want your heart to go. ❤️
  • watch for the warning signs on the death tiles: they tell you if a platform is safe or not.
  • revealeo is stronger as a spirit, and when he fully appears he is weak. dodge obstacles to make revealeo appear and make him weaker so you can attack him.
  • tip: check the tips section (which is actually what the stage says when you die) for helpful tips on beating revealeo.
  • "he who rages will rip like pages" -littleozwald, master of dabbing
  • even the slightest touch to something blue will kill you. this could be anything! a star, a laser, a tile, who knows! remember to protect all portions of your heart.
  • keep going! you can do this! punch frustration in the face!
  • such great strategy! you died on purpose! right? ☠️
  • did you know that less than 5% of people actually win this game? oh. that probably didn't help.
  • there are 3 difficulties: easy, normal, and insane 🔥. try to beat all three!
  • some obstacles may be easier or harder depending on what difficulty you choose. taking this in mind could be beneficial.
  • hit the dead center when the laser circle is closing in on you. otherwise it would be a pretty pointless way to die.
  • did you know that the creator of this game died around 127 times to complete the game on all difficulties?
  • be careful of the final obstacle: as it combines both the laser balls and the rotating laser. move slowly to dodge swifter and easier.
  • select which form of revealeo you want to fight (all difficulties have been proven as beatable)
  • touch the screen to control your heart.
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