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Bird Flyer 1

by Beloved Alert

originally from "Bird Flyer " by ConnorM12342



Bird Flyer 1, a project made by Beloved Alert using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple messaging, simple events, expert physics, text handling, delays, simple loops, input/output, simple motion, simple variables, simple conditionals, advanced motion, visibility, basic math, direction and turning, detect conditions, variables, program control, miscellaneous, advanced loops, simple costume handling, simple sound playing, resize actor, advanced physics, basic physics, advanced animation

  • #Lines:182
  • #Actors:11
  • #Costumes:12
  • #Scripts:34

Text Snippets

  • in this game, i completely re-wrote the code from scratch and drew every actor you see here. i am aware that someone else has created flappy bird but my version is in no way "copied" or "stolen". -spoon
  • start button black font