project screenshot Xmas!

by Unsuitable Physicist


Description Xmas!, a project made by Unsuitable Physicist using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Dodging, Animation, Cool / Wow, Animals, Simulator, Boss Fight, Battle


basic math, miscellaneous, delays, simple variables, variables, simple conditionals, simple loops, advanced math, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:1616
  • #Actors:46
  • #Costumes:152
  • #Scripts:355

Text Snippets

  • Xmas!
  • you bought a beetle box!
  • special beetle 2
  • special beetle 3
  • you bought a beetle box
  • center message box
  • select your mode...
  • special beetle 999
  • special beetle 4
  • collided with void
  • special beetle 5
  • Is this a beetle?
  • size for enemy 2
  • the sword that kicks your butt.
  • Adventurous Music
  • instructions- get all the beetle jellies you can! the bigger beetle wins!
  • beetleasy,©️,2019 all rights reserved.
  • create new profile pic?
  • what is your username?
  • picking special beetle...
  • for the engineer
  • for ugly measure
  • For the engineer
  • For ugly measure
  • thanks for your purchase!
  • Treasure Chest 2
  • drawing copy copy
  • what is the password?
  • skele-ton of beetle
  • Donald Beetle Trump
  • enter insecto code please...
  • you have been awarded 1000 beetle coin, you lucky duck!
  • wrong! ]=|, please visit the insecto blog for code.
  • drawing1 copy copy
  • drawing2 copy copy
  • type a command. (b:etc) if you need help type b:help
  • list of commands- want to break the game: b:crash_game , want to give yourself unlimited money: b:give_coin , want to fix the game after you crash it:b:fix_game , want a beetle upgrade:b:give_beetle_(enter value here)-lv.1-lv.4 , or you can get a godly beetle: b:give_beetle_hercules , you can size yourself 999999999: b:op_me , you can kick other players out of the game: b:kick_all , and lastly you can kill yourself: b:kill .
  • 2 players were kicked...
  • unknown command. please check the command guidelines.
  • whoever is looking at this,hello
  • Winter Wonder Land
  • you obtained the ghost beetle sword!
  • this is my famous loading theme! download it on noteflight!
  • sprite sheet don’t delete!
  • hello random person...
  • do you want to enter the challenge?
  • do you want a personal trophy and sword?
  • of course you are!....i think.
  • well change hide to show and here you go!
  • how ever many sprites you want to use, duplicate this. erase all the other ones. that you don’t want.
  • 49 crash cymbal 1
  • Green Button Off

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