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become a monster keeper DEMO!

by Go here Casy! (offline)ඞ



become a monster keeper DEMO!, a project made by Go here Casy! (offline)ඞ using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Animation, Art, Game

Text Snippets

  • so! i guess you are ready!
  • dont press anything on your keyboard unless you are told to! if you randomly press buttons on your keyboard you will mess up your game!
  • i repeat: do not touch anything on your keyboard unless the game tells you to!
  • oh! i did not notice that wild monster!
  • first lets try petting it! press q on your keyboard to pet it!
  • i heard you want to be a monster keeper!
  • who am i you ask?
  • that doesnt matter!
  • when you are ready press t on your keyboard to start the tutorial!
  • i did not expect you to tame it!
  • thats a jaggy! it is actually the most difficult creature to tame!
  • it must really like you!
  • (examines the jaggy)
  • wow! this jaggy is super close to evolving!
  • but it needs your help to 2 on your keyboard to help evolve jaggy into a jabby!
  • wow! your jaggy evolved into a jabby!
  • looks so gloomy...
  • lets tame another creature so jaggy has another friend!
  • press e on your keyboard to continue!
  • press z on your keyboard to go to a random place!
  • a monster should be there!
  • when a monster appears and you whant to tame it,press the button on your keyboard it tells you to press to try and catch it!
  • then you will randomly tame it or fail!
  • if you fail it will run awway!
  • when you press z press y to go home!
  • hmm....nothing is appearing...
  • press h to call over a wild creature!
  • wow! congratulations! lets bring her home!
  • (press y to go home!)
  • wow! he/she looks so cool!
  • after examining your sea bird i found out it doesnt evolve!
  • that means that it is a adult!
  • because when a creature is fully evolved it becomes a adult!
  • so...we can breed these two guys!
  • press 9 to breed them!
  • the snake looks happy enough to eolve! press l to evolve it!
  • its so determined to evolve!!!!!
  • press g to help it!!! woo!!
  • wow!! he is so cool!
  • sadly its the end of this demo...
  • but do not worry!
  • when the full game is released there will be a option to continue your game onto the full version!
  • thank you so much for playing this game!!
  • i guess i should reveal myself before you leave....
  • jaggy is not here!
  • (you pet the jaggy,its soft silky fur shines in the sunlight)
  • meow! ( its meow sound friendly and welcoming!)
  • ( press w on your keyboard to continue!)
  • (jaggy is evolving! you think you hear a meow thanking you!)
  • ( press 1 on your keyboard to continue!)
  • (jabby seems so happy its going to evolve! press 5 on your keyboard to help your jabby evolve!)
  • reeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • jabby evolution!
  • (press 6 to continue!)
  • sea bird is gone!
  • (a sea bird waddles over to you with curiosity in its eyes)
  • (press o on your keyboard to try and tame me!)
  • flipped happy turned around sea bird11
  • squeek! (it seemed tamed!)
  • (press a to continue!)
  • turned around sea bird
  • suprised turned around sea bird
  • happy turned around sea bird1
  • (it seems to like jabby)
  • (press 4 to continue)
  • Suprised turned around sea bird
  • Happy turned around sea bird1
  • flipped Happy turned around sea bird11
  • Sea bird is gone!
  • fire snek is gone
  • (press space to hatch me!)
  • fire snek egg cracked
  • fire snek egg cracked1
  • fire snek egg cracked11
  • fire snek egg cracked111
  • fire snek (flipped)
  • upset fire snek (flipped)1
  • (press 8 to continue)
  • (flipped) fire serpent (evolved fire snek)1
  • evolve me again!!!! press u to evolve me!!!
  • (flipped) fire god (evolution of fire serpent)1
  • press f to continue human!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fire snek (flipped)
  • upset Fire snek (flipped)1
  • fire serpent (evolved fire snek)
  • Fire god (evolution of fire serpent)
  • (flipped) Fire god (evolution of fire serpent)1
  • Fire snek is gone
  • Fire snek egg cracked
  • Fire snek egg cracked1
  • Fire snek egg cracked11
  • Fire snek egg cracked111
  • narrator talking
  • this is what i look like....
  • yes i am a monster myself....
  • narrator1 happy talking
  • hey! could i be your uh...companion?
  • like....not a pet but i could live here too?
  • (listens to reply)
  • thankyou so much for saying yes!!!
  • i know we will be best friends but for now we have to say goodbye.see you when the full game comes out!
  • narrator is gone!
  • Narrator1 happy talking
  • Narrator talking
  • Narrator is gone!

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