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baby chicken tycoon

by Accidental Mine



baby chicken tycoon, a project made by Accidental Mine using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Animation, Photo, Clone, Physics Engine, Clicker, Cool / Wow


basic math, simple variables, delays, simple conditionals, advanced math, variables, simple loops, miscellaneous, conditional loops, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:1290
  • #Actors:59
  • #Costumes:69
  • #Scripts:179

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  • baby chicken tycoon
  • upgrademonpersec
  • upgrademonpertap
  • please type a developer command. only the testers know theese.
  • to unlock carepackages get to 10k+ money and you'll be able use them.
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  • money per second
  • change log : ~ fixed carepackages, fixed minor bugs. | v - 1.0.4 |
  • -=credits=- creator : xny (aka hunter) testers: timothy, logan, and shiva
  • info: this is tap tycoon made by xny (aka hunter) to play you have to tap the big "money stack" in the center of the screen then when you have enough money upgrade to get more money (to upgrade tap on the "shop" button). when you have upgraded your items you can check your : "money per tap", "time played (in mins.)", "money you get per second" , and "total taps" (you can access your stats by tapping on the "stats" button.) if you want to remake the game please give me credit it has taken me 14 hours to make if u have questions make a game and upload it and ill consider. to unlock carepackages get to 10000 money
  • would you like to use your carepackage?

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