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AWESOME People! 1

by Cowardly Fox

originally from "AWESOME People!" by Peppermint Productions



AWESOME People! 1, a project made by Cowardly Fox using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Social, My News, Shout-Out, My Favorites, Encouragement, Customizer, Storytelling, Clicker, Game


input/output, simple events

  • #Lines:40
  • #Actors:19
  • #Costumes:19
  • #Scripts:19

Text Snippets

  • AWESOME People! 1
  • rainbowtacocat- you inspire me a lot, and i admire your artistic skills. you have great projects that i couldn’t come up with, and you’re a role model for the community, which is awesome, and i bet that it’s awesome for you too. i’m just saying that i look up to you and the community looks up to you, and that means you are truly a great person. keep up the spectacular work!!
  • isabella- you have hilarious projects, and you have amazing projects! you are so good at drawing, too! you are really an amazing person with even more amazing ideas! honestly, i want to be more like you. keep up the awesome work!!!!
  • zgames- amazing, colorful, and extremely well-drawn projects! they’re so great and i wish i could draw as good as you, zgames!! keep up the great work!
  • jilly- adorable and sweet projects you have! they’re so cute and sweet and i enjoy them so much!!!!!! keep up the spectacular projects!!!
  • loveheart- your projects are so cute and full of effort and care and so many other things! you’re so creative with everything you do, and you are just overall a great person who codes greater things. keep up the awesome work!
  • faffa leeee- great projects, i’m surprised they don’t get featured more often! your style is great, and you are great, too! you’re such a sweet person, and i admire you for being so sweet. keep up the awesome, spectacular work!!
  • pandood: you a great coder unlike some of us!!!!!
  • girlguru: love love you thanks for those games!!!!!!
  • center message box
  • r3b3cca- awesome and innovating projects! i enjoy all of your projects, they’re just so sweet! i wish i could be more like you, r3b3cca! keep up the great work!!
  • purpleberry- honestly, you’re such a great coder! all of your projects put a smile on my face and i am so happy when i play one of your project, because i know your project is going to be awesome!! keep up the amazing work!!
  • everyone else- awesome projects! keep on pursuing your dreams and you could make it here! just keep up the great work!!
  • do you want me to include you? just remix this project!
  • erikajane- amazing projects! they’re so cute and they’re so colorful! they’re just perfect in every single way! keep up the great work!
  • ggames- you’re so sweet! i love all of the projects you make! i’m super glad that you are my fan, since you are truly an amazing person. keep up the awesome work!
  • twigles- amazing projects! they’re so fun to play! they’re so perfect!! i wish that i could code as good as you, twigles! keep up the awesome work!!
  • peppermintcupcake
  • peppermintcupcake- awesome projects! they’re so well-drawn! all of your projects are just soooo amazing i don’t have any words to describe them! keep up the awesome work!!!
  • katie cake: your projects are so cute! i love all of your projects so much!! they’re so well-drawn and cute! i can’t even explain how much i enjoy your projects! keep up the create work, katie!
  • miu- awesome and cute, adorable projects! your projects are so sweet! you are an amazing person and amazing drawer! great job, keep up the great work!
  • high games: although they might not have great games i was talking to the maker she said “ i like all progects” “i think can i do this?” so love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • how can we forget don’t fall get every divce and downlow this game and try to give it 900,000,000,000,800,000 loves
  • now!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • taco - drawing
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  • isabella - drawing
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  • zgames - drawing
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  • jilly - drawing
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  • loveheart - drawing
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  • faffa leeee - drawing
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  • pandadood - drawing
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  • girlguru - drawing
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  • rebecca - drawing
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  • purpleberry - drawing
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  • drawing - drawing
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  • ErikaJane - drawing
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  • ggames - drawing
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  • twigles - drawing
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  • peppermintcupcake - drawing
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  • Katie - drawing
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  • Miu - drawing
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