Sugar Squad News!

by Rowdy Koala



Sugar Squad News!, a project made by Rowdy Koala using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.





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Text Snippets

  • Sugar Squad News!
  • hi guys! it’s poison cookie! this is sugar squad news.
  • sadly, all of our leader slots have been filled. click on the leaders button to see if you made it in time!
  • there are only a few memeber spots left, so hurry! the sign up period is almost over.
  • i am very sorry if you did not make it as a leader, it was just the first ones that came out.
  • i know some of you have a publishing problem like me. for me it takes a while for my prodjects to come out.
  • the club is officially on a roll! we still need more members though. please sign up! thank you to sparkle cookie for bieng the first to sign up.
  • sparkle cookie, magie poođź’–, kai the wolf codes, and of course, me! if your name is not here but you wanted to be a leader, i have made you a member.
  • taegan, roan, star bunny, t. adeyemo, fate1, tous, and jasmine. sorry if this comes out after you posted yours. i will keep you posted by updating this regularly!
  • search up “join the sugar squad”, and remix one of those projects. please put your name in the member spot only! all the leader ones are taken.
  • if your serch can’t find them, just remix this telling me who you are, and that you would like to join. tysm! and as always, have an amazing day!


  • background scene - Space Background 8
    background scene - Space Background 8
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    image1 - image
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    drawing - drawing
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    drawing111 - drawing
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