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Pickle Mobile Clicker!

by Every Freeze



Pickle Mobile Clicker!, a project made by Every Freeze using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Clicker


visibility, simple events, simple messaging, expert physics, variables, input/output, delays, simple variables, resize actor, simple loops, expert math, simple conditionals, advanced costume handling, text handling, simple sound playing, advanced events, basic physics

  • #Lines:264
  • #Actors:18
  • #Costumes:21
  • #Scripts:64

Text Snippets

  • Pickle Mobile Clicker!
  • hey there, random person.
  • first, you should upgrade your pickle mobile (skateboard).
  • then, try to upgrade so you can start your own company and make profit from pickle mobiles!
  • got it? ok. now start earning parts by tapping the pickle mobile!
  • good luck! the game ends once you have nothing left to buy.
  • did you know the reason you get parts from skaters is because they keep breaking their skateboards?
  • it’s not your fault, it’s just that they suck at skating.
  • i also heard that buying upgrades for the pickle mobile will earn you more parts.
  • and more parts means more upgrades! get more parts...
  • wow! how did we get here?
  • i guess we may have corrupted the code from skateboard overflow.
  • well, we can live here and stuff, but here’s one thing:
  • don’t press that button.
  • well, that’s it. i’m ending it here. if people like this, i might make a second game.
  • now go away. you already broke this place.
  • skateboard maker
  • skateboard machine
  • skateboard factory