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The Life Tribe

by Peppermint Productions



The Life Tribe, a project made by Peppermint Productions using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple messaging, visibility, input/output, simple events, advanced costume handling, delays, simple sound playing, layers, simple loops, simple variables, variables, simple motion, resize actor

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  • #Actors:24
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  • #Scripts:84

Text Snippets

  • so, there were two leaders of the tribes.
  • feather, the leader of the sun tribe,
  • and greymoon, the leader of the moon tribe.
  • one day, they met.
  • and they decided to join up their tribes to make one tribe called...
  • and so the life tribe became a tribe.
  • everyone wanted to become a member, well, not everyone, actually.
  • one of those people was anna.
  • anna disliked the life tribe because she thought it was unfair for two tribes to join up.
  • she told everyone to sign a petition that would split the life tribe apart.
  • however, the petition only got a few signatures from her best friends and some tribe and family members.
  • and so, the life tribe stayed whole.
  • however, when everything was going pretty well for the life tribe, a problem came in.
  • feather had left the life tribe.
  • and so, greymoon was very sad.
  • but gladly, a few weeks later, a new member of the tribe came.
  • her name? diamond.
  • greymoon was happy. he was slowly recovering from the sadness that he encountered, and he thought that diamond could help.
  • so when he was feeling lonely, he would ask diamond to come over by his side to keep him company.
  • almost like his daughter.
  • a few months later, a war broke out.
  • another tribe, known as the lightning tribe, took over the life tribe’s territory.
  • it was a horrible experience for the life tribe, and they had to find a new territory.
  • and so, therefore, the life tribe searched for a new territory.
  • hours turned into days. days turned into weeks. weeks turned into months.
  • and then finally, the tribe found new territory to take.
  • they, of course, took it.
  • but maybe diamond was a little too eager to explore the territory, because she got lost while exploring it.
  • i mean, she did find the tribe again, but it was after a couple of hours.
  • and so, they lived happily in their new territory for a few weeks until another war broke out.
  • the life tribe didn’t have anything to do with the war, but the war was important to the history of the life tribe.
  • it was called “the lunar battle.”
  • when the lunar battle was finally over, the life tribe had to, once again, find another territory, since theirs was basically destroyed although they did not have anything to do with the battle.
  • a few hours had passed and they were searching all over for another territory.
  • most of everything was destroyed, and they needed to find territory, and fast. it was going to be sundown in less than an hour.
  • so they searched for territory.
  • and then suddenly, they heard a rustle in the grass. they turned around and they saw...
  • feather comes back
  • everyone was so happy to finally see her again!
  • but she needed some help.
  • featherneedssomehelp
  • she told everyone her territory was also destroyed, and she decided to come back to the life tribe.
  • greymoon had tears in his eyes, and then ran to hug her. “i missed you so much,” he said.
  • “i-i missed you too,” replied feather.
  • diamond squealed. it was her first time seeing feather. “feather!” she squealed, running to hug her as well.
  • “that is diamond,” greymoon told feather. “she’s one of the most recent members of the tribe.”
  • “ah, okay.” replied feather, smiling.
  • and so, the life tribe, now with feather once more, continued to search for another territory.
  • not based off of warrior cats
  • and then finally, just before sundown, they found another territory.
  • territory ho... again
  • they were happy.
  • they loved their new territory.
  • and you want to know something?
  • that is where they stand to this day.
  • to restart the story, just click the replay button.
  • and remember this was created by peppermintfox, aka fireflows.
  • Seal Single Bark
  • hello friends! thank you so much for the feature, you are all indeed amazing! ❤️
  • hello, i’m kate, and i will be telling the story of the life tribe.
  • the story begins with two seperate tribes: the sun tribe,
  • and the moon tribe...
  • CreatedByPeppermintosFox
  • created by peppermintosfox
  • greymoon coordinates
  • -351 (x) -91 (y) size 61
  • diamondandgreymoon
  • lifetribemovesoutofterritory
  • this is by fireflows. all of the characters belong to fireflows. please do not copy.
  • feathercomesback
  • territory ho.... again
  • there’s a lot of theivsters so i’m putting this stuff