2 Discoveries I made.

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  • 2 Discoveries I made.
  • this has happened to me more. than. once. • note: there is another thing that i saw once. • the thing that happened to me more. than. once. the project changed to a random project that i did not do called ipad arcade screen that does not work. • the thing i saw once on super moon eclipse (one of the tutorials) was a block that was orange and it was not a function they created. it had no parameters. i dragged it to the help and it was called a code note. i tried searching it up. nothing showed up! • this wasn’t really a glitch.
  • wanna know how to get this • and more symbols and letters? go to settings - general - keyboard - keyboards - press add keyboard - scroll down until you see the language greek. - press greek. - pull up your keyboard, press the global ball twice, and type the greek characters!


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