Tynker Debuts Connected Device Support at Maker Faire

Tynker Debuts Connected Device Support at Maker Faire
Last Updated: May 19, 2015 8:19 pm

Tynker’s new support for connected devices and toys was a big hit at the Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend. Now kids can write programs to control Parrot minidrones and Sphero robots and integrate these physical toys into the games they build with Tynker, expanding the possibilities for kids to create with code.

At our booth, kids programmed a controller app and then used it to guide a Sphero ball through a maze. Another fun project was to program a drone’s flight path – “Take off – Fly in a square pattern – Land”. Boys and girls were engrossed in solving puzzles, as they tried their hand at coding for the first time.


CEO Krishna shows kids how to control Drone with Tynker

CEO Krishna Vedati shows kids how to control a drone using Tynker.

Kids enjoy Tynker puzzles and creations at Maker Faire

Kids enjoyed Tynker puzzles and coding their own games.


























With our new Coding Adventures (launched on Kickstarter a few weeks ago), we’re upping the fun so more kids are motivated to learn programming.  Now with our support for connected devices, when kids see the effects of their coding take shape in the physical world, they are even more inspired by what they’re able to do with code.

Special Rewards

To get kids started, we’ve added two special deals on our Kickstarter.  Please pledge at the $150 or $250 levels if you want a great deal on Coding Adventures and a drone or robot, so your child can have a fun-filled summer learning and creating with code!  With your support, we can continue to add more fun extensions to Tynker!

Tynker Rewards 4 Tynker Rewards 5

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