NEW! Get a Personalized Hour of Code Certificate

NEW! Get a Personalized Hour of Code Certificate
Last Updated: November 30, 2016 5:56 pm

NEW! Get a Personalized Hour of Code Certificate

Tynker offers dozens of fun, free activities for students to get introduced to coding. And now we’re very excited to introduce personalized Hour of Code certificates for all students!


A fully filled in certificate with all 29 badges.

Every time a student completes an Hour of Code coding activity in Tynker, they earn a badge that is added to their certificate representing that activity. There are 29 badges that they can earn, so they’ll be really excited to complete all the activities and fill up their certificate!

You can print all certificates by clicking on a classroom from your teacher dashboard, clicking the “Gradebook” tab, going to “Hour of Code”, and clicking the “Print All Certificates” button.

If you’re a teacher, everything is set up for you and neither you nor your students need any prior experience with coding. You can easily set up free accounts for yourself and your students so they can save their projects and progress and so that you can print all of their personalized certificates. Additionally, with free accounts, you can access:

I hope you join us for an Hour of Code to introduce your students to coding during CSEdWeek this December or any time for the rest of the year!

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