Community Highlights: September 28-October 4

Community Highlights: September 28-October 4
Last Updated: October 7, 2019 10:47 am

Community Highlights: September 28-October 4

We’re excited to see so many great projects this week! If you haven’t already entered the second coding challenge inspired by NASA space missions, be sure to do so this week–the competition closes on October 13th! Read on for more great community highlights!

Projects of the Week

Crossy Road by parallelmilk115

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, dodge all the cars, including a bullet train, and find out!

Plane Dodger 1 by unfoldedgovernor213

Soar through the air, but not with too much abandon! Watch for the planes!

Tron LightCycle by TheHoiBoi

Force the opponent into your Light Cycle and obtain as many points as you can! Watch out for his Light Cycle!

Naruto Shippuden 1 by exteriororchid741

Go toe-to-toe against the one and only Naruto and defeat him before he takes you out!

Mermaid Princess Dress-up by xxunicornnamixx

These two mermaid princesses are about to go to a ball! Dress them up accordingly and make sure they’re the belles of the ball!

Tweets of the Week

These first graders are learning to code with Tynker Junior! Via Twitter @spbtechnology

See how coding helps foster collaboration for these fourth graders! Via Twitter @A2STEAMLab

These students are participating in the Lunar Gateway Challenge! Via Twitter @GGTechTeacher

Check out these students practicing parts of speech and variables with Tynker! Via Twitter @mrstechfarlin

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