Community Highlights: November 11 – November 17

Puss in Boots Project
Community Highlights: November 11 – November 17
Last Updated: November 20, 2017 1:05 pm

Community Highlights: November 11 – November 17

It’s Monday, and that means we have a great new round of highlights to share! Don’t miss these projects and tweets from the Tynker community – we’re amazed and know you will be, too.

Projects of the Week:

Puss in Boots – Go on an adventure with a swashbuckling cat!

Remix This Project

SPACE-X and BEYOND the UNIVERSE – Will SpaceX make it to Mars? Find out in this cool project!

Remix This Project

little rainbow!!? – Having a rough day? This friendly rainbow is sure to cheer you up.

Remix This Project

Nail Salon! – If you’re too busy to make a trip to the nail salon, check out this amazing simulation.

Remix This Project

Tweets of the Week:

This student used Tynker to create the diversity he wanted to see in games!

What an adorable drone selfie!

It’s great to see that people are already getting into the holiday spirit – thanks for the drone, Santa!

4th graders taught this teacher about Tynker’s Swift integration.

Look how excited this student is to create a turkey with Tynker!

Kids are having fun with WeDo.

On the Blog:

As with last week, we featured two amazing makers: Sophie and Mckenna! Sophie’s “Purpleberry” projects are really popular on Tynker, and Mckenna is so excited about making quality projects that she creates character sketches before she codes. We also posted this article about cool new jobs in tech. We’re busy spreading the word about HOC; these three articles about HOC went live on the blog this week!

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