Community Highlights: December 16 – December 22

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Community Highlights: December 16 – December 22
Last Updated: December 26, 2017 9:00 am

Community Highlights: December 16 – December 22

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating! This week, we saw projects featuring everything from Santa Claus to coral reefs! Check them out and catch up on everything else the Tynker community has been up to.

Control That Santa! – Here’s another fantastic project from featured user GirlGuru!

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Unikitten christmas special – Tynker user Unikitten dreams of having custom Unikitten pillow cases and lamps!

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staring contest 101 – Try the classic game in Tynker! Don’t blink or you lose!

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Balloon Tower Defense! – Master maker 22rschuckman is back with another awesome game!

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Coral Reef Quiz – Learn about coral reefs in this excellent project!

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Tweets of the Week:

Cute – this user is having fun watching her grandson enjoy Tynker!

This class looks focused and engaged during their Hour of Code.

This teacher brought 2nd and 6th graders together to code and shared some great insights!

Programmers for the day!

On the Blog:

We posted about two Featured Makers, Ellie and Anastasia. Ellie loves sharing projects with others – and she learned to code by looking at community projects. Anastasia calls coding a “mind-stretcher!”

If you haven’t tried Snowball Siege yet, give it a whirl! We posted this article encouraging teachers and parents to try it out.

Our Women in STEM series continued with this article about the 6 women who programmed ENIAC. When photos of them were first uncovered, historians thought they were models – “Refrigerator Ladies.”

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