Community Highlights 7/20-7/26

Last Updated: July 29, 2019 10:33 am
Community Highlights 7/20-7/26

Community Highlights: July 20-July 26

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! In this week’s Community Highlights, learn how your child can participate in the Wild Minecraft Code-a-Thon, check out some impressive projects from our users, and get inspired by our teacher tweets.

Projects of the Week

Fruit Slasher by Vyrendra Veda

Cut the farmer’s fruit and avoid the bombs!

Snakes and Ladders V.1.000 by Lashen

Get to the end by any means, whether it’s by snakes or ladders! Choose either manual or automatic in regards to moving your pieces.

Life of a Worm by animalex

You are a worm, just trying to live life and do worm-y things. Avoid everything that tries to ruin your chances living your life as a worm!

Yoshi’s Island – Boss Battle Baby Bowser by hawanieg

Defeat Baby Bowser and jump over his fireballs! You can knock back his bombs to deal damage to him and save yourself and Baby Mario.

Hair Salon (FFG) by fashionfairforgirls

Clean up your client’s hair and give it some styling!

Tweets of the Week

Learning to code with Tynker fosters empowerment–just ask this second grade teacher! Via Twitter @2ndGradeMagic

Tynker had the opportunity to teach teachers how to code at Infosys Foundation’s Pathfinders Institute–a program where they learn new skills to take back to the classroom! Via Twitter @msb_teacher34

On the Blog

This week’s Featured Maker is Amelia, who loves to make games with Tynker! She also plays Minecraft, loves dogs, and enjoys getting ‘likes’ on her projects.

We’re so excited to feature some of our favorite projects from the Wild Minecraft Code-a-Thon! Check out our showcase and learn how your child can still enter to win.

Keep contributing to the Tynker community! Parents and teachers can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Tynker Community Forum. Kids can also start learning to code and creating for free with the Tynker app for iPads!

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