Thanks for the Tynker iPad Love!

Thanks for the Tynker iPad Love!

Thanks for the Tynker iPad Love!

Tynker’s new iPad app debuted just a few days ago, and we’re already feeling the love! Thank you everyone for your encouraging words and your support on Twitter, Google+  and Facebook.

We are also glad that our app made it to the Best New App in Education on Apple’s App Store!  If you haven’t had a chance to try it, get it here.

Tynker: Best New App on App Store


 Recent quotes about the Tynker iPad App…


Tynker aims to make programming and engineering more accessible (and fun) for kids, regardless of prior experience,” says Rip Emson of TechCrunch. He describes the app as “a tablet-optimized, immersive gaming experience that allows kids to continue learning on the go and while in ‘airplane mode’.” Read more: With 5M Users Already on Board, Tynker Goes Mobile to Help Kids Learn to Code on the iPad


The Guardian LogoStuart Dredge writes in The Guardian that British parents should find this particularly useful to explore, “ahead of programming’s introduction across the national curriculum later this year, including for pupils as young as five years old.”


edSurge Logo“Tynker spontaneously held a hands-on workshop in the [SXSWEdu] playground space that was so popular that the conference had to bring in more chairs.” notes Katrina Stevens in Edsurge.


smatoos logo

Jamie Lypka, editor at SMATOOS, an educational app review site, offers an important insight. “The learning curve here is perfect, leaving you feeling accomplished, but never frustrated. It’s a great approach that makes a complicated process into something intuitive and fun!”


We’re thrilled that Tynker’s iPad app has met with approval and praise from not just tech writers and users but also from moms, dads, and teachers…


My son is very interested in video games and so really loved learning with Tynker,” says Lisa Nelson, founder of Squishable Baby and mom of 3. For Lisa, the power of the app was in the incremental learning with each puzzle.

“All of my kids love to play with the iPad since there are so many amazing games that are available for it.. Tynker teaches programming skills with the use of fun games. I have two boys who are very hands on, and love to build things, so this app was perfect for them to “tinker” around with!Homeschooling mom of 4, Jennifer finds it a great supplement to her curriculum.

“I’ve been trying out the iPad App for the last few days and have been super impressed with the colorful graphics and interactive yet educational game play,” says blogger Ricky Shetty.  Read more

Melissa Ford’s 9 year son particularly enjoyed Puppy Adventure, saying “it was simple, easy, and fun.” He returned to play it several more times, unlocking all the levels.

Teacher Christian Duckworth of the St. Mary and St. Andrews private school has already made plans to include it in his school curriculum. “I’m planning the curriculum for September 2014 now so it arrived at just the right time!” he says. “It is great fun and will be an excellent addition to our programming lessons.”

Teachers with Apps, who review apps with educational value, say “You will see students immediately become addicted to this app. More importantly, you will see excited, engaged kids having fun, all while Tynker fosters a plethora of critical thinking skills – computational and programming.”

Here are some videos mom and founder of app review site Mary Buchanan created to demonstrate the app as she reviewed it, at the same time commenting that these videos will only “give you a look into a fraction of the opportunities for hours of creativity and learning for your kids.”


After spending time with the Tynker App, parent Patrick Jordan can see why the app is a good fit for kids 4 and up. “I think the fun and charming style of Tynker is a good fit for youngsters of that age.” He adds, “[the Tynker App] does a wonderful job of showing children the power of coding and the great satisfaction that comes with creating even a simple program.”

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.


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